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Founded in 1970 and located in Santa Margarita, CA, Palomar Products is a global leader in highly reliable secure intercommunication systems and aircraft audio management systems for airborne and naval military applications.  This includes switching and crew-position units for airborne, shipboard, unmanned, and ground applications for multi-mission platforms.  Our systems operate in over 250 unique aircraft and 9 classes of naval warships around the globe.   We are a AS9100 and ISO9001 certified facility and operate a FAA Part 145 repair station on site.  Palomar is a trusted name in providing secure and reliable communications to the world’s armed forces.

Company History

  • 1970's

    Established in 1970 as the Microelectronic Systems Division of Hughes Aircraft Co. in Irvine, CA. Launched state of the art space-matrix switching technology that launched the weight-saving and space-saving systems to replace manual switches for the Navy and Air Force.

  • 1980's

    Launched the SCS 1.0 Analog switching platform for B-1, AWACS. special mission P-3, AC-130H and VH-71A. Introduced the SA-2112V secure external communications for US Navy Frigates and above. Upgraded Seawolf class submarines analog switches to digital with the US Navy. In 1988 headquarters moved to Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

  • 1990's

    In 1995, became the Technology Products Division in Palomar, CA. Participated in many key defense programs including the AC-130U and P-3 upgrade programs. In 1995 Palomar Products, Inc. was established through a management buyout and in 1998 we moved our headquarters back to Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

  • 2000's

    Launched the SCS 2.0 Digital Switching platform for AEW and C systems and P-8A. Introduced air traffic control switches. In 2005 Palomar was acquired by Esterline Technologies Corporation.

  • 2010's

    Launched the SCS 3.0 Compact Digital platform for the C-130J block 8.1 and other variants. In 2019 Palomar was acquired by Transdigm Group Inc.




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