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Palomar Secure Communication Systems (SCS)

Palomar Products is a global leader in highly reliable secure intercommunications systems and aircraft audio management systems for airborne and naval military applications to the world’s armed forces.  This includes switching and crew-position units for airborne, shipboard, unmanned, and ground applications for multi-mission platforms.  Our systems operate in over 250 unique aircraft and 9 classes of naval warships around the globe.

Secure Communication System 1.0

The Secure Communication System 1.0 provides a wide range of solutions for secure airborne intercommunication applications. The ultra-high channel-to-channel isolation allows management of multi-level secure communication assets and crew stations. The integrated, microprocessor controlled, modular distribution system is designed to meet modern net-centric multi-mission operational requirements. It offers reliable real-time control of communication and data assets in the most demanding conditions.

Secure Communication System 2.0

The Secure Communication System 2.0 is a state-of-the-art digital aircraft audio management and intercommunication system from Palomar Products. The system is based on Palomar’s field-proven TDM digital switching technology used in air traffic control and custom telephony applications. The SCS 2.0 provides a complete solution for systems demanding high quality secure digital voice/data switching and conferencing with combined system management.

Secure Communication System 3.0

The SCS 3.0 Secure Communication System and aircraft audio management system features an advanced set of modular building blocks that meet the most stringent military requirements of 21st-century information-based warfare. The solution’s native scalability supports integration of communication systems for a wide range of platforms, from compact aircraft to large secure ISR aircraft, to sizable multilevel secure, battle-ready tactical installations.


Why Choose Us

Palomar leverages 45 years of advanced and secure intercommunication experience on both  airborne and maritime platforms providing undisputed assurance that your mission will complete  without interruption.  Palomar delivers the confidence you need to ensure communications are ALWAYS safe and secure.


Proven for over 45 years in a wide range of platforms, environments and mission types.  Fast, accurate and highly reliable secure communication optimized for the information based, net-centric battlespace


Flexible, scalable architecture for multiple crew positions to match mission requirements.  Highly configurable through software.  Support for simultaneous clear, secure operation with wide range of encryption mechanisms.


We believe in designing quality into the product from the beginning. A structured, comprehensive and agile product development process is in place to ensure that we design quality in from the outset of a project.


Certifiable to US FAA flight standards.  Environmental performance to MIL-STD-810 and DO-160.  TEMPEST: NSTISSAM 1-92 and 2-95A and EMI/EMC: MIL-STD-461 and 464.  SWaP-C advantages
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