Palomar Products provides secure communication solutions for airborne platforms ranging from large and mid-size helicopters to a varied complexity of fixed wing aircraft.  Palomar’s Intercommunications (ICS) equipment is TEMPEST qualified to support missions ranging from Marine 1 to ISR, Maritime, ASW, Special Mission, and Airborne Early Warning and Control.  Palomar’s highly reliable, configurable, and proven technology offers excellent audio performance for multi-station crew communications.  Aftermarket support services, including retrofit and customized upgrade options, are available to meet individual operator country’s needs.


Historically, Palomar Products has provided secure external communication switching for naval platforms at frigate size and above.  Reliable red and black analog and digital switches not only support the Navy’s missions for meeting the latest global threats with the latest technology, but include the modularity and legacy interfaces needed for scalable interoperability.  Palomar recognizes the need for an enterprise-level secure communication solution across various platforms supported by ease of configurability and maintainability to meet fleet readiness goals.

Palomar Secure Communications